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Founder Of BJ3 Sports & Fitness

Bruce Jenkins III is a former All-Met basketball player from the Metropolitan Area who went on to lead the state of Maryland in scoring and rebounding in 1998. Bruce continued his career as an Aggie at North Carolina A&T State University who led the nation in rebounding, reaching over 1000 points and grabbing over 500 rebounds in his 4 year career. After graduating from North Carolina A&T State University with his degree in Bachelors of Science in Fitness Wellness Management,  Bruce was blessed to continue his basketball career in th3 USBL with th2 Oklahoma Storm under the great Kareem Abdul Javvar who led them to a championship in 2002. Bruce was then offered his first contract through Passing Lane Sports to play in Brussels Belgium. This was just the beginning to a great career overseas where he played in various countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Luxenbourg, Finland etc. Throughout Bruce’s career he has competed against some of the greats such as Steve Francis, Elton Brand, Steve Blake, Sam Cassell, Kieth Bogans, Baron Davis, all whom had great careers in the NBA. Bruce has been training athletes for the last 10 years who have gone on to play college and professional basketball.  He also has 10 years of strength and conditioning experience. Through mentoring and working with youth in the inner city and suburban areas Bruce has a unique passion to work with athletes and people from all walks of life. 


The Core Values

Balance:  We teach our clients the importance of being able to balance all aspects of life. This includes community, family, spirituality, career, recreation and health.


Discipline: We teach our clients that discipline is the key ingredient in goal setting andachievement.


Perseverance: We encourage each client to focus on the plan and their commitment to excellence.


Exposure: We consistently expose our clients to new programs so that they engaged and excited about achieving their goals.


Fun: Although we are committed to our athletes meeting their goals we ensure that our athletes enjoy their experience with BJ3 Sports and Fitness


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